Nathan Phillips

Web Developer & Dancer

On the internet, I'm a senior UI engineer at CodeScience. I've worked on projects in diverse spaces such as Internet of Things, healthcare, education, accessibility, and business analytics.

My development philosophy: build sustainable, progressive websites and web apps using time-tested tools.

Offline, I'm an avid dancer, having competed in several local Lindy Hop competitions, performed for the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, and am working as a celebrity partner in the Dancing with Pittsburgh Celebrities charity event.

I'm also a hobbyist baker and musician. Most often found in a gym, on a bike, or in a hammock.


I'm a heavy reader, and tend to prefer nonfiction with a little fantasy and sci-fi sprinkled in. Most recently, I've been invested in books about athletic performance, while also slowly taking down Robert Jordan's monolithic The Wheel of Time series.


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